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Follies is over. It was very bittersweet. I'm glad I won't be so stressed out by doing 2 shows at once, but I am going to miss doing Follies. I'm so lucky that I got to do one last show with all my friends before I leave. I could not have asked for a better time. I have been so blessed to have been about to be a part of this amazing show. Thank you all for making it so much fun for me.

Things that will be missed:
- The boobie song
- Having a different cast every night
- Dawn Burns telling us how she loved the show
- Putting rubbers on the chickens
- Tramp face
- Grape, Ape, Monkey
- The "word of the day"
- Asbestos
- Memopies
- Coloring books
- Greg being his weird self
- Betty always wanting to play a game of some sort.
- Claire's disappearing Loveland wig
- Homo Delectable
- Judith's boobies
- Laughing through Loveland every night
- Safety pins
- Panic attacks going up the stairs with no railing

... there are many more. That shall be written when it isn't time for rehearsal. Which means not now.

Love Follies.
Love Big.
Love it all.
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