Feline of Avenue B (bestassbelow14) wrote,
Feline of Avenue B

Time to hang with the gang and toss a ball

This icon is for Caitlin and Jessica. Bop to the top!

... with scenery.

Umm Big is absolutely amazing. I am having so much freakin fun. I guess Patrick and I are sort of a thing now....? I don't even really know how that all came about, but whatev. He's sweet and very very hot. Leo's house was fun. I love Alex. He is so ding dang hilarious. Who knew that a 12 year old could be so freakin cool?!?!

Beau's mom is coming to the show tomorrow. That makes me really nervous and I know it shouldn't but it does. I feel like I have to be a million times better than I otherwise would be, so she can go tell him "Oh yeah, Laura was great." WHY DO I CARE?!?! This isn't even like I-want-him-back-make-him-jealous nerves.... it's look-I'm-more-talented-than-your-kid-so-watch-me-dance.

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