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Thank you so much to everyone who left me a happy birthday message. It is so nice to have people who care!!!

Hands down, best freakin birthday ever! It started last night at 12, getting calls from Ryan, Mary, Raven, and Charles and a text from Chris Ferro. This morning I woke up to missed calls from Kellie and Claire. Other people called throughout the day like Rolfe, Dani, Kellie again, and Raven again. My parents got me a gorgeous pearl ring that is getting sized and I'll have on Saturday. My sister got me a book that will be very handy in college, lol. And I got lots of money from relatives.

Went to breakfast with the fam, then to the mall to get the ring sized. Came home, showered, got ready to go to the theater.

So I got to the theater and Chris Keller tells me that I'm not allowed to go upstairs. Okay, weird but whatever. I went to go see my parents who were seeing the show tonight. It was getting close to 1/2 hour so I went backstage and Larry pulled me aside and was like "sit here, I have to do something." Then he serenaded me with That Face from The Producers (which he was in on Broadway and played Leo Bloom, the character who sings it.) It was amazing. I was smiling ear to ear the whole time.

Then the kids finally let me go upstairs. I opened the door to the costume shop and everyone throws about 60 balloons (no joke) at me. The lights were turned off and all the light was the candles on the cake. And everyone sang Happy Birthday Josh (except with my name.) It was so nice. And I was bombarded with hugs, which I love. So I went to the dressing room to get ready and there are flowers from Melissa and cookies from Catherine. So nice of them.

At intermission, I go upstairs to change and Catherine is there with ANOTHER cake. All the adults sang and Catherine gave me a big kiss and said "this is from all of the adults... we love you!" I also recieved a nice, sloppy, wet, BUT LEGAL kiss from Roy. Haha, loves it. Yet another surprise was revealed when I found out that Charles had planned for everyone to go bowling after the show. Which was amazing fun.

Completely incredible day. More than I could have imagined or wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made this the best birthday I have ever had. It was truly amazing. I love my friends. I love my life. Happy 18th birthday to me!

And yes, Patrick is officially my boyfriend.
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