Feline of Avenue B (bestassbelow14) wrote,
Feline of Avenue B

The joys of live theater

So it was an interesting night. A power line fell right outside the Apple during the first act, which caused a bike to catch on fire. And therefore we had no power, so the show got cancelled right before the Act 1 finale. All the kids were freakin out, but I was a good door guard to make sure they all stayed calm and upstairs. The police weren't letting anyone who parked in the back lot out. Jess was parked back there, but I wasn't so we drove over to Coldstone and got ice cream. It was delicious. Then Charles called to say that she could get her car. But before that, a redneck in a truck pulled up near where we were sitting and said "hey, in about 10 years, give me a call!"

... creepy, yes. But always good for the self esteem.

In other news, I don't care anymore. About him. He can do whatever he wants and screw whoever he wants. I was a little upset at first, but I don't even care. I just like, don't want to be near him though. It really was my bad for dating a 16 year old. I probably should have expected that. I'll never be doing that again. Gross....

Anyways, life is great. I'm happy with life. I love this show. Love it love it love it.
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