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Can't keep my eyes off of you...

I'm so happy. Today was amazing. Like, I'm just giddy with good feelings. Today was so productive and I got to have fun too. I picked up my glasses and ordered new contacts, dropped off books at Ohrenstein's house, FINALLY GOT AN OIL CHANGE.... and saw the love of my life. He called around 2 and wanted to hang out. I said I had some stuff to do, but to call me later on and we'd see. And to my surprise, he actually called. So I went over to his house. And we had fun, just like the old times.

And he promised he'd call me soon.
And I actually kind of believed him.
I guess we'll see what happens.

But being with him just makes me feel like I've never felt with anyone else. Ever. We just have so much fun together, and I can completely be myself. I'm so scared that I am going to get my heart broken again. I told him that today. That I feel like such a fool because he can just not call me for months and yet, there I am, back in his arms the second he calls. I really do love him. So much. I've loved him since 10th grade. What can I do?

I miss you, Jessica! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! It's so weird doing Big without her.
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