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Here's the home of beautiful girls

Wow, I really really love Follies. Tonight was magical. We kicked ass, and the afterparty was tons of fun. This cast is totally the best. I will be really really sad on May 28th.

OH and today is exactly 1 month until my 18th birthday!!!!!! Woo hoo! Life is just fabulous right now. I honestly couldn't be happier.

My parents sent me a dozen gorgeous roses to the theater today. It is the first show in my 10 years of doing theater that they have missed opening night.

Tonight we decided that when I have my Loveland dress on with my pre-wig cap hair, blue eyeshadow, and my Marilyn mole, I look like Madame Thenardier from Les Mis at the wedding. I totally do.

Ahh I can't wait to do this all again tomorrow!!!
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