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Love your bat boy...

It seems like all my friends are unhappy lately. I'm sure it'll pass, but I hate knowing that people I love are sad and I can't help them. I've been kinda discontent lately. About my appearance. More so than I ever have before. Like, I've been dressing in t-shirts and jeans everyday b/c I don't want people to see my fat stomach. And I don't want to smile b/c I hate my teeth. I hate being so uncomfortable in my own skin, but (in a twist of irony) I can only shake the feeling when I'm on stage dancing. I have no problem smiling til my face hurts when I'm dancing away. Which might be partially why I love theater so much.

Follies is so much fun. I have met and gotten close with so many people and gotten even closer to people I already knew. I am going to be a wreck when this show ends. At least I get to go on and do Big with Caitlin. Because I love her guts, and we can talk about Follies together.

I watched Kellie's Bat Boy DVD tonight. I had never gotten to see it b/c of The Cocoanuts, but I LOVED it. The cast was PERFECT, and I loved the choreography. And holy big voice for a little person, Caitlin has got nicer pipes than an organ! I love it... I have such ridiculously talented friends.

Okay, I suppose I'll get some rest seeing as it is my only night off until June 5th. Can't wait for Follies tomorrow!
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